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Centro Equestre Li Tauli

Immerse yourself in spectacular scenery while riding a thoroughbred horse along the coast, or go for a romantic horseback ride and gaze at the crystalline sea of Sardinia at sunset.

This is possible thanks to the Centro Equestre Li Tauli di Olbia (OT). Here, both adults and children can experience true horse riding.

Explore the region of Gallura and the glorious sea of the Costa Smeralda, savour the local food and wine… Add horse riding to this wonderful scenario for a truly exceptional holiday!

Whether you are an expert rider or a beginner, the instructors at Centro Equestre Li Tauli will guide you and recommend riding excursions for exploring this beautiful island.

You will experience Sardinia in a completely different way, enjoying the mysterious and wild hinterland rich in mountains, woods and traditions, and marveling at the truly breathtaking seascapes ... And all this while riding a trusted animal friend!

A holiday on horseback is suitable for everyone; the relationship that is established between the rider and the horse provides a sense of joy that more conventional holidays cannot give.


Let's discover together the traditions, culture and equestrian events of Sardinia

Equestrian tourism is not only for horse lovers, it is also excellent for family holidays. A horseback holiday truly brings you close to nature as you study the surrounding flora while riding the purest example of fauna!

Passion, professionalism and respect for nature are precious values at the Centro Equestrian Li Tauli, and they are at the core of this business.

Sardinia has a culture of deep respect and love for the horse. The island still has herds of wild horses grazing in places such as the Giara plateau and the Aritzo woods.

Sardinia is a land of horses and knights, whose deeds date back to the Court of Judge Eleonora D'Arborea (Oristano) in 1300. The island’s equestrian traditions and the Sardinian passion for horses are still very prevalent today.

The carnival period boasts magnificent displays of equestrian jousting. These can be enjoyed at many events, including the following:

• La Sartiglia and Pariglie e S'Ardia in Sedilo, Oristano
• Feast of St. Efisio in Cagliari
• Sagra di S.Antico Martire at Sant Antioco
• The Sardinian Cavalcade at Sassari
• Sa Carela 'e Nanti in Santulussurgiu, Oristano

Honoring deeply rooted equestrian tradition, Centro Equestre Li Tauli offers you an outstanding dream holiday.

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Riding instructors Olbia

Expert and qualified riding instructors

The instructors at the Centro Equestre Li Tauli, have a great passion for riding and for the natural nobility of the horse.

Our staff can help both adults and children to discover the wonderous friendship between man and horse.

While on holiday you will spend peaceful days relaxing in nature and learning how wonderful and sensitive horses are.

Recognized as an Amateur Sports Association, Centro Equestre Li Tauli offers a family atmosphere in a serene and stimulating environment. Here you will meet other young people who have courage, loyalty, altruism, sensitivity and a sporting spirit.

Thanks to its expert riding instructors, the centre offers its clients a well-established riding school and equestrian activities for beginners as well as for the most experienced connoisseurs of the Horse world.

The first rule of good riding is to minimise and, if necessary, eliminate action by the rider.

Federico Caprilli

Equestrian instructor Olbia

Nastassia Cornelia Rieger

Senior Instructor

As our senior instructor, Natassia is able to convey to everyone a boundless passion for riding. Of German origin, Natassia’s bond with horses is so strong she chose this direction for her life’s work. With Natassia, you will have the opportunity to discover how the horse feels and how best to approach him.
Senior instructor Olbia

Francesco Iriu

Senior Instructor

Francesco is a true Sardinian. Born and raised on the island, he has been passionate about horses from a young age. An expert in obstacle jumping, Francesco will help you discover the most adventurous side of horse riding. With great professionalism, Francesco will recommend the most suitable horse riding methods for both adults and children
Riding lessons Olbia

SaSarda Riding School – Riding lessons

Experience Sardinian nature and sea with our riding lessons.

At Centro Equestre Li Tauli you can take advantage of riding lessons and horseback rides to fully appreciate the glorious Costa Smeralda scenery.

It is possible to book one's own walk or lesson directly at the centre, or via contact form and telephone.


1/2 hr Introductory lesson  € (On request)
1/2 hr Private lesson € (On request)
1/2 hr Semi-private lesson € (On request)
45 min Private lesson € (On request)
45 min Semi-private lesson € (On request)
1/2 hr Lesson/exercises  € (On request)
Children 1 hr Lezione/esercizi € (On request)
Children 2 hrs Lesson/exercises  € (On request)

Horse riding – equestrian activities

Not only horse riding

As well as a riding school that offers horseback riding throughout the Costa Smeralda, Centro Equestre Li Tauli is a training centre for young horses.

See below for details on services available and ask for information on the website.
Riding school Olbia

Riding School

Learning to ride is one of the most beautiful experiences there is. It gives freedom, peace and, at the same time, harmoniously teaches respect for animals and nature.

Centro Equestre Li Tauli offers everyone the opportunity to learn this sport that is suitable for children and adults at varying levels of ability. Our qualified and competent instructors will be beside you all the way, teaching you the secrets of the art of riding.
Horseback rides Olbia

Horseback rides

Experiencing Sardinia in a different and unique way has never been so simple! Let yourself be carried away by expert guides and immerse yourself in the stupendous scenery of Sardinia.

At Centro Equestre Li Tauli you can relax and enjoy the scenery from the unique perspective of a rider on a majestic and noble horse.
Horse training Olbia

Horse training

Horses are carefully trained at the horse riding center in Olbia (OT). Our staff break horses in and do corrective work with horses who have behavioural or technical problems.

With sensitivity and respect, our instructors will provide you with impeccable service and give you back a horse that is ready for competitions, horseback rides and much more.

Where we are - Centro Equestre Li Tauli Olbia (OT)


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